The Journey


The power of prayer is the most powerful tool we have. No matter what your personal beliefs or religion you belong to, the power of prayer is undeniably stronger than any other method available to find peace. Peace is what we all are striving for in prayer. Its not the manifested outcome that we want, its the feeling that outcome brings to us and those around us.

Prayer can be done in many different ways, and any time, anywhere. Prayer is personal. Yet, when praying the same prayer with others there is a power beyond anything we can imagine that brings forth healing.

There are situations in my life that I tend to try to ‘fix’. Solve through changing behaviors or taking control of things the best I know how. It is a personal journey to recognize the same situations that I tend to forget about prayer and I try to handle on my own. With self-reflection I see patterns. I see that some pieces of life I hand over to a higher power each day. Others, I refuse to let go of – usually unconsciously. I somehow think I have more control on my own, that I can fix things. I can’t. Not on my own, never. Maybe patch some pieces along the road and feel good short term, but never fix.

When we learn to turn to prayer instead of self-control we find we are guided and a path is provided. A path of peace, a path of purpose. This is where I call the flow. The flow when things just work. People and opportunities just show up, finances flow, love flows.

Prayer and meditation hold the keys to life’s flow.

Stop today, tomorrow and every day. Give your challenges over, pray for healing, pray for those you love, pray for others, pray for yourself. Remember to pray, and pray often.

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