This blog is a shared journey of unlearning the fears that block us from everything we desire including peace, happiness, and joy.  My journey has been one of creating amazing experiences as well as living through heart wrenching and fearful challenges. What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger.

My hope is that if you have stumbled across this blog, you know you were meant to be here. I hope you find the content healing and that you comment your thoughts.

There are set processes in life. Every process has to start with a foundation. We build from there and no process is complete until we are able to share it. The final process of giving and sharing is where purpose is found and defined.

*Side Note: I am not a grammar queen, it was a terrible subject in school for me. I am not a professional writer. This blog is journey that I choose to share. Its opinion, its my version, its my journey. Enjoy the pieces that hit home with you – ignore the ones that do not align. Be respectful, ask questions. Be open. Learn. Grow. Most important: Be you.

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