The Journey


For years I have studied the law of attraction. For a theory so simple, it is so complex and has so many layers of understanding. Our world is energetic and the law of attraction brings similar vibrations/currents together.

But what does that mean? When I was 20 years old I was presented with the concept that the people in our life’s are a mirror of ourselves. I locked onto this theory and had a great depth of personal growth when I brought this into my personal life. I started looking at the people around me. And then I started looking at myself and how I am attracting this experience. It has been a core ‘skill or tool’ I have used in my personal journey.

Though it started out simple and awakening, over the years this very concept has challenged me. With every challenge I grow stronger in my understanding. I gain knowledge from many sources and so many seem contradicting. I believe that many people share this same inner contradiction when it comes to law of attraction and/or the mirror theory.

There are some people that show up in my life that there is no question they are here to show me my mirror. ‘Yup, that is them behaving like me!’ (like my kids… oh my girls show up often as this). This is when I can see I don’t like the behavior I am seeing, but before I can expect to experience anything different, I must look to myself first and correct that within me. Been there, done that, do that – often!

I also know that I have many people that show up that are not me. For example, when lier’s and manipulators, people that are destructive from the inside out show up. After years of self-awareness and depths of learning, I know these behaviors are not mine. So why am I attracting them?

Some say its not about me being like them, it is because I am able to help these people. They show up because I have the ability to guide them to heal this part of them. Some say, opposites attract. They are showing up to teach me something or they are showing up for me to teach them something. Or, the law of attraction is simply not true and people just show up (which I believe too much in faith and synchronicity and years of research and experience to believe such a thing). There are so many ways of explaining something that is hard to articulate.

Lately, I came across an ‘ah-ha’ of years of personal confusion around this theory. Something hit home. It was probably all of the various learning pieces over the years and then all it took is one profound little piece that rang true to me. It really is about the law of attraction – an energy frequency, which I understand well. There is a piece of me that is generically on the same energetic playing field as them.

The purpose as well as what brings us both to this same current may vary. What emotion and behavior brings them to this point does not have to match what emotion or behavior that brought me. But we have both found ourselves on the same field. A field I don’t wish to be on – they may not either.

The piece that has unfolded for me is that the behaviors that I don’t like, that I despise – can carry, often carry, DO CARRY the same energy frequency that my personal judgement toward the behaviors carry. In the resistance and fight alone, I am choosing the same frequency of experience with those that their behavior is driving them to the same space. Or even deeper, personal hurt from the past, as far back as childhood or even generational hurt that hasn’t been healed can bring us to the same energetic field.

Until I change by personal energetic/emotional frequency around this behavior I will keep attracting people with the behaviors I don’t like.

Until I can see this, I can not change it. On this particular lesson, no matter how much research and experience, it took almost 20 years to reach this ‘ah-ha’. I also am aware, I have just opened the door to deeper understanding I have yet to understand. I love breakthroughs! I love ‘ah-ha’s’!

At this point, now that I see it, I do have experience, understanding, and all the tools I need to be able shift out of the emotional state that attracts what I do not desire.

I get to be the energy I want to attract! Live in the space that flow exists. Where people and opportunity attract to me, a space of abundance, and where love leads. My favorite space along my journey: In the flow of life.

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