The Journey


The power is in the silence. It is in the faith. It is in the commitment to walk through the fire knowing you are protected.

It is not in the t-charts or the worry. It is not in the logistics of right or wrong. It is no where near the ‘doing’, it is all in the ‘being’.

In that space, and the space alone, you will not only make it through, you will soar above.


  • Heather

    I’m learning the power of silence.
    I am ever faithful.
    I walk through the fire knowing I am my only protection.
    As I leave the worry behind and just be I feel the wings unfolding getting ready to soar.
    Thank you for this. I am in a delicate spot in my life and career at this time, on a precipice of sorts. Silently awaiting the wind to lift my wings.

  • Katie

    Heather, thank you for sharing. It sounds like your right where you are supposed to be. In the silence we come to trust in our every move. Knowing what is right for us and also what doesn’t serve us or those around us. The waiting before reacting and doing what is right for our soul. Trust in the journey. ❤

  • Wendie

    Being still is so crucial to our growth but also our wellbeing. We are in a world that is so connected. How many times have you had someone get upset or hurt because you didn’t respond to their text within a “timely” manner. (Within 10 minutes)

    We are surrounded by so much noise. We need to disconnect and just be. Answers come when we are still and listen. Clarity comes in our stillness. Our minds and bodies need rest.

    God wants us to just be at times. He gave us a day of rest each week.

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