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Dessert First?

This one is for you buddy. Ironic how little alignments of moments and conversations inspire.

Nutritious meal first or dessert first is the questions around my house. Thanks to a very influential man in my life this analogy has rippled through laughter and fun at the dinner table as well as deeper thoughts for many years. 

His theory was/is… or maybe it was just something to provoke me to think outside the box (it was also fun to order the huge ice cream Sunday first at every meal out together to make sure I experienced the theory as well). The theory is that if something was to happen (like choking to death at the table… or maybe he just meant we got full) between the meal courses that we should always enjoy our dessert first.

Do you agree? Let’s hear what you think.

Being mom, I of course am trying to get my kids to eat their veggies first but can’t help but let them have dessert first.

Take a dive deeper… in life are we making sure we enjoy the sweet moments first or the not so sweet but maybe needed moments filled with the fuel to keep us sustained long term?

Are we working the years at a job waiting for retirement… waiting for our dessert only to experience illness or even death before we enjoy the retirement?

Or are we always chasing the dessert that we never experience the amazing depth and fulfillment that comes with maybe more boring but nutritious moments?

I am still undecided, or balanced. I do enjoy the family dinners at the ice cream parlor. I also don’t order/eat dessert often. 


  • ddrake57

    I love the fact that you are at least, in your aged wisdom, considering the importance of eating your vegetables! You briefly mentioned balance. That is where I find the truth of eating dessert vs. vegetables, playing vs. working, enjoying a leisurely moment vs. being a productive member of society, searching and questioning vs. taking hold of a truth with faith, or standing for something you believe in vs. letting a battle go so you can fight at a more important time. As human beings we tend to react to a pendulum swing to the left with an extreme swing back to the right in order to seek to balance our world, but maybe we would be better off to be the balance that brings the pendulum swings to the middle 🙂

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