The Journey


Our emotions are the ultimate guidance system in our life. Negative emotions showing up are the guidance that shows us what we DO NOT want to experience. Positive emotions show up letting us know we are in alignment with what we want to experience.

Negative emotions stop the flow, while positive emotions create our desires.

When negative emotions show up, this is our time to stop. To reflect on our inner guidance and realize we are ready for a shift. For me, it is the time to pull out my journal and define to myself what it is I DO WANT to experience. Then focus on that. What we focus on grows.

I find when negative emotions show up it is so easy to focus on them, creating more fear within them. It takes a conscious effort to realize these feelings are guiding me. They are my perfect compose, telling me to slow down and redefine my direction. My fears do not need to manifest. A change of perception, a change in focus is needed.

When I change my own personal emotions from negative to positive it changes my whole experience, allowing inspiration to lead and creativity to flow.

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