The Journey


The science of Emotional Intelligence is one of my favorites and I one continue to learn more and more about. Growing up where crying wasn’t aloud and emotions were those things that made women go crazy before their period, being introduced to the skills of EQ had a lot of ‘ah ha‘ moments for me.

Learning what emotions are was a big piece for me. I dove into this learning in various aspects of my life. I was blessed to be able to learn behavioral science in a corporate environment (helpful for practical application) and also experience taking a deeper dive into understanding emotions and how they flow through our body in Kundalini teacher training.

I was filling each side of my brain full of good new ‘food for thought’. My logistical brain that needs explanation and proof, as well as how I could relate to the world around me was being fulfilled. Meanwhile, I was learning more than I ever could have imagined about my faith, creativity, and expression. From these experiences came new skills, new thoughts, new experiences.

The first step of Emotional Intelligence is self-awareness. It is only when we become really aware of how our behaviors impact our experiences and learn how our believes, our thoughts, and our emotions all impact our behaviors that we can even start to begin. For me.. I dove all in. I learned so much about myself in a short period of time, more than many ever learn about themselves in a life-time.

The rest of the skills taught in EQ that follow self-awareness became a practical guideline for continued growth. It wasn’t long into my learning that I quickly knew these were the foundational skill sets to every aspect of life. Through EQ is when we get to know us, we get to know the core of who we are and we also learn who others are. We learn how to understand and manage our behaviors through inner work. Its where we really learn empathy and truly connecting with others. Through relationships, everything is built. As I grow my own EQ, I become a better mom, a better wife, friend, co-worker, and just a better person. Most important, I become a better, a stronger me.

I own a leadership development company and a couple of years ago we started diving into re-doing our competency work. Though we have taught Emotional Intelligence for years; the impact and depth has, and still does, have room to grow. We moved this to the 1st competency to learn before communication because we realized how important it is for us to raise our own EQ before we can learn any new skills. If any of you reading this are interested you can check our EQ1 online course. This course is a very practical, scientific driven course related to workplace development.

One day soon I will blog more on my understanding of emotions, probably a few times. I even started a book on it years ago as it was, and still is, a very large part of my journey.

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