The Journey


We must know the difference in the fear that protects us and the fear that holds us back.

My journey has been filled with fear. Our society has become filled with fear. We have more mental illness’ than ever before. More depression, more anxiety, more hatred, more people scared to live life.

We were given fear to protect us. We do not want to rid our life of fear. It is the fear inside that stops of from going over the edge or protects us from the bear or lion coming after us. Fear is the voice inside telling us something is wrong. It is a vital part of our protection that we must hold dear.

Fear is also that voice that stops of from living. The voice that tells us not to leave the house, or to share who we are with the world. Our fears have gone beyond protection and we have let the fear of rejection, the fear of shame… the fear of loosing love be the fears that guide us.

The line between protection and whats holding us back can be a blurry one. It takes going within, it takes being still, it takes inner work and inner healing to know that line. It takes a knowing from within that my line is different than your line. My fears are different than your fears. What may set you free may be the one thing that protects me. Because my story is different than yours.

There are times I listen to the voices of others. The voices that maybe don’t know anymore than I know… or even less. The voices that say I should do this or I should do that. The voices that are wrapped in the fear of others projecting on me. We must get to know our own fears. To know what ones are holding us back, and to be very clear on the ones that are protecting us. When we are not clear, we cross the line. We hurt ourselves, we hurt others. Most the time not in ways we see until much later. Get to know your line. Stay true to your line. Trust in your boundaries. Have faith in your protection, as well as your guidance.

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  • Rick Williamson

    Auto correct changed fear to “dear”…I chose to change it back.
    Having said this, why don’t we change the things we fear in our lives to “dear”.
    Is it possible? Yes.
    We shy away from what we fear instead of facing it. To change this we need only reach out to what’s dear to us. God. Family. Friends. Pick one and hold your hand out, you’ll feel a touch, it may even be the hand of someone whose story is different than yours. Possibly, you’ll be helping too.
    I met fear once. At that time I was scared because I didn’t know the future, the fear was of what might lay ahead. We shouldn’t know our futures. We certainly shouldn’t put fear into the life we haven’t lived yet. Is there fear in our past? NO. There is only fear “now”. We can all handle day to day fear, truly, it’s so small that way.
    Hold the hand of a child. Hold the hand of a friend. Surely, you’ll feel the energy that is “dear” to us all. Fear can’t hold up to this, ever.
    Yes, my story is different. There’s no place for fear in my life. My family is huge! Those “dear” to me surround me.
    Lastly, set fear in a corner. Hating to be ignored, fear will leave….

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