The Journey


I have learned that where we focus is so vital to what we experience. How easy we slip back into old patterns and forget this. This is something I continually have to remind myself. Many times I am so shocked at how simple it is and how caught up we can get in the moment.

Where we focus grows. When we focus on problems, we see problems. When we focus on solutions we see solutions.

Focus on what we want to experience, feel it and see it, most of all believe it (law of attraction) and before we know it, we live it. We don’t need to know the how or all the steps. It’s amazing how fast our experiences can change when all we do is change our focus.

Maslow’s Hierarchy is a great theory that has been proven time and time again that we cannot achieve fulfillment in areas of our life until the foundations are fulfilled. However, the theory doesn’t say we have to be stuck on each level, just that it needs to be fulfilled.

The minute we change our focus to a higher level, it is really cool how fast those other needs just automatically become fulfilled. No need to figure it all out. It just happens as a by-product of our focus change to a higher level of fulfillment.

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