The Journey


For anyone who has sat through one of my Emotional Intelligence classes you probably have heard the story of my dads influence as a teen.

As most dads he was probably completely lost on how to love his daughter through the teen years. We had many ups and downs. However, there was something he always tried to do when we (or I ) was having one of those days where the world was ending.

He would make me sit through a funny movie. I remember many times he had to drag me to a theater and I was so stubborn I would fight him the whole way and most of the time at least half way through the show. However, what he locked onto was the result.

Without a doubt no matter how upset I was at him or the world, no matter how much I fought him to go, I would walk out of there with a smile on my face. It was his way of getting me to laugh. Because he knew that when I could get myself to an emotional state of laughing, I could get through anything.

Laughter has a way of healing. A way of us enjoying the journey and opens our eyes to see that maybe some things are not as bad as we make them out to be. In the moment we are laughing the weight is lifted, our EQ is raised, and we can make better decisions.

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