The Journey

Lead Together

Yesterday was International Women’s Day. All over social media I saw posts celebrating and supporting not only our rights as women but encouraging women to believe in their selves and lifting each other up. I LOVE seeing this. I am very much an advocate for women shining.

I have been a woman in a mans world throughout my life. I have broke the barriers of what a women ‘should do or be’. I have fought for respect in the business world. I have also played the victim and have learned many hard lessons that could have taken me down paths of destruction.

I also know that as I learned my own self-worth, when I overcame whatever voices in my head that said I was not enough, that the men that showed up in my life treated me as equal. In business, and at home. It all started with me and my growth.

Another lesson I have learned is that women and men play very different roles. We have different strengths. Men hide their strengths as much as women do. Men tend to hide behind their ego, while women tend to just hide. The unhealthy behavior of both men and women stem from the same place inside that is wrapped with fear and the voices of what we have been taught. We have just learned over the years different ways to hide it, cover it up, and adopt unhealthy behaviors that continue to hurt.

When men find their inner power through their heart and learn to lead through love, the influence is amazing. We see healing and growth. Men who learn to overcome their fears and step up provide the space for women to step up and live from their hearts. Together it creates a symphony that flows. The world begins to change.

I know I would not be who I am or where I am without the amazing men around me. I also know the men around me wouldn’t be who they are without the powerful women around them. The masculine and feminine energy is meant to work together, to life each other up.

I believe that we will experience life beyond our imagination when we learn to lead together and not against each other. I would love to see as many posts celebrating men in November as I saw yesterday celebrating women.

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