The Journey


Driving down the road with my family we had the discussion of: “What is the meaning to life?”

As much as I know we all have different experiences, I was a little shocked that not everyone thinks about this. Me and my ‘little me’ – well yes, we think about it. I think about it often. Not in a depressing way by any means, but I often have deep thoughts around this subject. This is probably why I love learning about different religions and belief systems. I love the discovery and learning of what makes us, well us.

Through my own faith and spiritual practice, I often find my answers. However, today… after some family discussion, and then finally google… we found the meaning!

To be happy. To experience joy.

It is to take the experiences that do not feel good and learn, grow, expand so that we can experience what does feel good.

With every achievement, we have a new perspective. Therefore, creates a new desire for which we would like to achieve. Then unfolds the new dream or goal. Or we experience something we know doesn’t feel good, and we desire a change. This is life. Life is the experience, joy is the purpose.

The experience in which we align with joy varies for each of us. Some it is through religious beliefs, others it is simply just by experiencing love. Joy is the ultimate emotion expressing love.

Do you think about the meaning of life? If so, what is your answer? What conclusions have you aligned with that give you the answer that makes you ‘feel good’? I would love to hear your answer!

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