The Journey


“I realized that over the past few months, I had unknowingly turned away from love – the only fuel source that really works for me. Instead of being fueled by love, I unconsciously had turned to fear, contempt, self-righteousness, and maybe a touch of high-octane disdain to navigate hard news and hard people.” ~Brene Brown

A friend of mine shared this quote along with Brene’s Post this morning (you can read it here). It hit home with me!

Love is who we are. We are covered in fear, piles of fear. Most of us with so many layers that we have forgot what love is and who we are.

My soul has been begging me to find the light. There is this space inside of me that wants to burst through all the fears and shine so bright. I see it, I feel it, I crave it. I love that space when every moment is love. When all the judgments, the fears, the doubts, the hurts go away.

Brene hit it on the head when she said she unconsciously had turned to fear… We have been conditioned and taught that fear protects us. We unconsciously begin to act out of fear. We turn to protection of ourselves, our families, those close to us that we love. We do this unconsciously because that is our habit, it is what is in our skin and bones. It is what feels natural. That is, until we experience letting that go and feel true, authentic love. In that space is natural, that is who we are. We have just forgotten it.

What pains us each day is Lovelessness. We have let fear dominate and drive us. In the smallest ways… Fear dominates when we judge another person – for anything! Who gets road rage? That is one of the largest forms of judgement in a space of fear that is unconscious to so many. How about the fear of we are not enough, or we do not have enough? Enough time, enough money, enough love, enough energy, enough education or experience? All of the times that we act out of not having or being enough. This is fear! This is a space of lovelessness.

In the day to day is where the fear begins to take over. This is where it begins to grow and then it turns into the ugly truths that we see today. Letting fear rule and forgetting about the love that is suffocating inside, screaming to come out and shine. To heal. It is when start to let fear win that the mental state begins to shift and develop into illnesses. Where we are seeing mass murdering’, we are experiencing trafficking at all time highs, stalking, and personal depression at a rise. This list can go on and on. We are experiencing it at younger ages, in higher volumes. All of this stems from lovelessness.

The way we begin to start to experience something different is when EACH OF US CHOOSE TO NOT LET FEAR WIN. That we choose to awaken from our unconscious behavior and that we start to take serious the little things that add up and become big things.

It is when we start to be love that we start to see love. We awaken to helping instead of hindering. We awaken to purpose instead of pain. That we realize love spreads just as fear spreads. Its a choice each day from all of us as a whole to choose what we spread. What do you choose today?

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