The Journey

Mind, Body, and Spirit

Being healthy is a balance. I am finding that blogging helps with my personal health, maybe in all areas. Thank you to all of you that support the journey and are joining me. It is fun to connect in a different way that seems really healthy for all of us. I have been asked how I have time to blog with all I have going on. The answer is simple to me: I find the value in it, so I find time. It seems to flow and fit at the right moments.

I don’t believe we will ever be in perfect balance. We have our moments when we feel that we are and then wam! something happens and knocks us off the scale. What I do believe is that when we experience things in moderation and we make time for various aspects of life that are important to us, we feel more fulfilled and enjoy the moments at a deeper level.

As we learn to become present in the moment we learn what is good for us. When we are aware we can choose what we want to eat or don’t eat because of how it makes us feel. We can see unhealthy mindsets and change them. We can connect with others to have meaningful relationships that are fulfilling and stay away from the toxic ones.

The more we learn about who we are, or un-learn who/what we are not, the more we grow into being the person we want to be. It is a journey. And it is not a linear journey, it is a messy one. 2 steps forward, 5 back and 4 to the side kind of journey. The day we think we have it figured out is usually the day we are awakened to how much we have nothing figured out.

I have had a lot of fun in various areas of my life trying to ‘find’ my balance. I look forward to sharing a bit of the pieces along the way that I have and will experience. I look forward to reading comments of those that have tried similar paths or had different experiences.

Stay tuned as I journey through yoga and meditation, sugars and toxins, fast food and tight schedules, loosing love and finding it, financial freedom and financial fears, leadership skills from corporate to parenthood, PJ’s to high heels, co-dependency and attachment, relationships, illness and death, being outdoors, traveling, to drinking beer and going to church (not at the same time).


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