The Journey


We all do it, every day. We make mistakes. I do not believe there is a human being out there that doesn’t know this and believe they they themselves make mistakes and knows others do to. No one is ignorant of, nor immune to mistakes. It is part of life and is is OKAY.

What defines character and integrity is not in the mistake. No matter what the mistake is, it is how we overcome and show up for our mistakes.

Show up with ourselves. How we do we show up for us? How do we talk to ourselves? Do we feel guilt or cause unconscious self-destruction? Or do we forgive ourselves and know a mistake does not define us? Do we hide from it, ignore it, bury it, fight it, or do we own it?

We must all show up for ourselves first as who we want to be, or we will not have the ability to show up for others. This is where our strength of who we are and our own character begins. It is our foundation.

Show up with others. How do we show up for others? Do we value the people around us enough to show up and say I am sorry? Do we let our actions speak louder than words by showing them we can do better, we are willing to see our mistakes and try to overcome them? Not a promise we wont again, we all know how often those are broken; however a sincere showing up in humility, strength, and love to say ‘I am sorry, I desire to do better.’

When we show up for others we open the door to heal, for both sides. Their journey of hurt may not allow them to see us showing up in the way we desire, but it will start the process. With time, they will begin to see both us, and them – authentically.

Be this in business or at home, how we handle our mistakes define us. It is what defines our relationships and our experiences around us. We either build trust or tear it down. The way we show up builds us and builds our character.

It is not always easy. My little one is learning this today. She is having to build up her strength and not hide. She is showing up today (after tons of practice this morning). She is showing up to own her mistake, apologize, and ask guidance on making it better. I am so proud of her no matter the outcome, because she is choosing to show up!

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