The Journey


One thing I have learned is there is never a lack of opportunity. A couple years ago I was going through a period of my life where every way I turned I hit a wall. If someone would have told me at that time that there is always opportunity, I probably would have spit at them (kidding, not kidding). I was going through so much internally and I was so overwhelmed with a life that was not going as I planned or wanted in any way, that all I could see were stop signs.

Today, all I see is opportunity. Every time I turn around there is a door that is opened a crack waiting for me to reach out and just push it open and walk through. So what happened? What changed? A lot and nothing at the same time. The easy answer was I changed my mindset – the hard answer is I had to clean out all the emotional baggage that was blocking my vision. I needed to see that my core belief was not aligned with what I wanted to experience. It wasn’t until I could clear the ways and see that I needed to believe it first, then things started to change.

So easy to say… “just change your belief and the world changes.” It really is that simple. However, the process never is. We have so many core believes holding us back. We have believes we hold onto that we are not aware of. They are so embedded deep down in us over the years. We also have many conflicting believes. One moment we believe it, we see it and even start to see the crack in the door opening, then the limiting believes sneak in and shut that door and build up the walls.

Looking back, I am glad the walls came up though. As hard and frustrating as it was, it was when the walls where up that I was forced to go within. To find my core believes that aligned with who I am – my journey here on earth. I realized that the doors were shutting because I was reaching for fulfillment of needs that were not in alignment with me. I found looking back I was seeking something to fulfill my fears – kind of like being addicted to drugs. Instead of looking for the fulfillment inside to feel whole, an addicted looks for the drug that they believe will fulfill that need. When in the end, all it does is grow the fear and take us further way from who we are.

Now… the learning (and unlearning) continues on. Learning to stay in alignment as opportunities arise. Learning to not open every door that is opening but going within to know what doors align with my purpose.

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