The Journey


When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

As much as I believe I am ready, and I know others believe they are ready… are we really? Because it takes a space of surrendering the ego, a space of being willing to learn. To slow down, to stop and open our eyes to a different perception. This is learning, this is growing.

My prayer today: I am willing to see this different. I am willing to forgive. I am willing to let go and have an experience beyond my imagination.

*Thank you Gabby for being a continued light to open up my journey to love. Those of you that follow her, will recognize those words. They are powerful, they are surrendering and they are the exact words that allow me to be in the space to be ‘ready’.

Ready to learn how to move past the pain inside that is holding me back. The pain that eats me up inside without me even knowing it.

When I am ready, the teacher appears. For me, I am in an ongoing practice of years of surrendering and finding this space. Just like anything else the more we do it, the more powerful and deep the experience. Also the quicker the manifestation. The answers are almost immediate, the teacher shows up sometimes in a matter of seconds and many times (like today) over and over in various forms.

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