The Journey

Think Big

Want to experience something different? Think bigger.

It’s proven time and time again that our own thoughts limit our experience. This concept is not new by any means. Yet, we (or at least I) get caught up in thinking small way too often.

It’s in the little things that compile and compound to be the larger experiences. I am my own worst enemy, my own limit. It’s so simple… and it is always the case. Ready for something to change? Change your thoughts. Easier said than done when we have core believes instilled in us that drive those thoughts. When we have lived to let fear lead us in ways subconsciously without us even knowing it.

It’s a simple concept that applies to every moment. Simply stop and think bigger. Get out of the space of whatever we are focused on and think bigger. Think of the outcome we want, think of what matters most and the rest just seems to fall into place. It’s not usually about fixing what we are focused on. It’s about changing our focus to something larger that the results themselves fix the issue at hand.

I experience this in all areas of life. Personally, when I sit back and think about how big the universe is. How we are just one of a billionth (more) pieces to this world. When I remember we are only here for a short time to experience life. None of my problems are problems in the bigger picture.

Our life is now and our challenges are very real to our journey. Its good to sit back with a large perspective, it is also good to connect with the daily grind. Sometimes the answer is in the details, sometimes the answer is in the vision and let the details work themselves out. There is no doubt in my mind that neither end of the spectrum is the answer every time. However, I do know from experience that we will always find a solution when we start to think bigger than the problem.

Shifting to thinking bigger is always a great way to shift the experience. It’s a way to release the negative emotion and enjoy the journey. It’s a way to start experiencing what we want instead of just hoping someday that we will. Its what gets us out of the rut in the mist of challenges when we feel like we are hitting walls.

BE BIGGER THAN YOUR PROBLEM. Either your problems will guide you, or you will guide your problems.

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