The Journey


One thing I learned years ago is growth happens around the moments we are triggered. Those moments when we react. We get angry, we go into fight or flight mode, we get defensive, or we hide away. Also the subtle triggers, like when we judge others and ourselves.

Though I may have learned this lesson a while ago, like many lessons I have not unlearned all the things that keep me away from growing and learning when triggered. The first step to any growth is awareness. I know that I get caught up in day to day routines, bad habits, and even conforming to the environment around me, that I simply forget to be aware. A trigger comes up and then goes away, many times unnoticed.

Triggers can be many things. It’s really any reaction or behavior that stems from fear or from a place that is not aligned with our authentic self. It can be irritation, anger, anxiety, depression, grief, and what I believe to be one of the most harmful: judgement. Judgement can spin into a whole new blog so I won’t go all the way there. Lets just say we were given judgement to protect. There is judgment when we judge what is right or wrong for to help protect us (the good stuff we need to follow). Then there is judgement that is demeaning and egotistic (the stuff that hurts us and other around us).

The last couple of weeks have unveiled a few more layers of triggers for me. Triggers that have been active for a while, showing up often. However, I have been so caught up in autopilot and probably wrapped in some fear and anxiety without even realizing it, that I never stopped to notice them. Do you experience this? For me a couple of triggers have been on repeat and they will continue until I decide to take a look at them and use them as the gift they are.

What triggers us… is the exact piece of life where we are ready for growth. It’s the moment when we are frustrated, angry, or scared about something that brings into our reality the exact part that is ready to transform. The crazy cool thing is the transformation is usually never about what we think it is about in the middle of the storm. In fact, the growth lies in the one thing we are resisting and often refuse to see. Its when we start to understand our triggers, as well as others close to us, that we can become aware of the what sets them off. Then we start to transform, grow, heal, and start to experience new levels of life.

The more we lock onto the fight, standing our ground on what our perception is at the moment that seems so right, the more stuck we stay. We repeat patterns and experiences and wonder why we keep getting the same results (insanity right?).

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