The Journey


We are learning new skills from the day we are born. We take action in doing something. Reading, watching, experiencing, listening – however it is that we choose to learn. We learn the basics of eating, walking, and taking care of ourselves. We also learn how to survive mentally. We learn our core beliefs that drive our behaviors as we grow. We learn to be conditioned to our environment, whatever/wherever that is.

We grow, we change, and our world changes. What we don’t learn in school is how to un-learn. The reality is what worked for me at one point in my life, doesn’t necessarily work for me now. We can learn all the new skills that we want – our brains are amazing. But until we learn to un-learn the beliefs, the mindsets, and the behaviors that no longer serve us (and possibly never did) will won’t be able to put those new skills to the test and see what we can create.

I can tell you that my largest challenges in my personal growth have not come from learning something new. They have, and continue to be, in un-learning what is holding me back.

When I learn to let go of what I think is right or wrong, or what I know to be true and I choose to see things from a new perspective – new awakenings always appear. It is in these times is when transformation takes place. The kind you feel from deep inside that is so peaceful and feels so right. These moments are not usually huge and profound, they are little moments during each day.

I have this picture painted in my head that there is a box of light shining so bright from the core of the earth, through the ground below. The box is keeping that light at bay and every time I unlearn its like a hole in the box that allows that light to shine through. The box that I think is protecting me is also the box that is keeping the light inside. When there are enough holes, the walls start to come down as well until there is nothing more to block the unlimited potential. This is what un-learning feels like to me.

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