The Journey


The world is not against you, it is for you. When we finally realize that all the frustrations and pain (both emotional and physical) show up to help us, not hinder us we open up to possibilities, to healing.

Every corner I turn is a new challenge. Some days I see the challenge and I am willing to walk through it. Not run, not fight, but SHOW UP. Other days, fear gets the best of me and my fight or flight kicks in. I want to fight back and control, or I want to hide away until it goes away. The problem is neither of those actually get me through it. Neither of those result in success, in healing.

Moments of silence guide me through it. It is in my authentic self, as I show up as me and not the pain, that I am able to walk through fire. I used to think that being still was a form of hiding but I have found it is where my power lies. It is where peace is found and clarity begins to form. It is when the world gets quiet and I find my truth. Because my truth is not yours, yours is not mine – we are at different parts of the journey.

When the same pain keeps showing up, there has to come a point when we want to stop repeating the same experience and learn what we are meant to learn. Sometimes this pain is financial, sometimes its physical or emotional, other times it’s people that keep showing up that you want to go away. No matter the pain, if it hurts – its showing up to help you, to help me.

It is time to see a larger picture, to not be stuck behind the pain but to understand what is driving the pain and how we find love and healing through the pain. Then, as the flow of life goes – it is time to pay it forward. When we breakthrough, we see the light. It is up to us to help others that are ready. The ultimate form of leadership, of transcendence, of purpose behind the cycles of our life. There is awakening in understanding. We are created to heal.

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