The Journey


In the midst of the chaos I find my why.

When we are in the middle of the storm it’s so easy how we forget all the things that we know. When I get caught up in the moment with the things that frustrate me, I tend to have a mental block that it is in that very moment that I am growing the most. It’s in those moments that the decision to shift back to a healthy mindset is so powerful in experiencing what I desire in life and aligning with my purpose.

I met a new friend after moving across the country and last night I was reading her book (check it out on amazon). I happened to get a couple minutes of down time to read and the couple of pages were on obstacles. I really truly do believe obstacles are given to us to help us grow. We can choose to let the obstacle to define us or we can see an obstacle for what it is, a learning experience that helps us grow.

Last night I also happened to be writing up some class descriptions for an upcoming class that I am teaching. When I stopped my ‘doing’ and realized the perfect alignment, it was clear to me that the very skills I am teaching are the skills that if I apply, will help me personally with my obstacles.

Could the universal energy be more direct and clear in answering exactly what I was seeking at the moment? The answer is always there, its our choice if we want to see it or not. The last few days I have had a question over and over again on why I am choosing a path that seems to not make any sense to my logical brain – but yet my heart is so clear it is exactly the right path.

It was in the midst of the chaos I found my why. I had to go through the frustrations. I had to analyse it (my scientific brain needs this piece). I needed to walk through the storm and also lean on my support around me (thanks mom and hubby) to see so clearly and find my why again. For me, I lost my purpose in the journey… for just a couple of days, but it felt like a lifetime! Maybe I never lost it but it was hid for a bit.

What became very clear almost instantly was that the challenges I face are the exact challenges I am supposed to learn and grow from. That the world doesn’t have to look like it went once did or how others think it should. I’m where I am today along my journey to create a new path that’s never been created before. A path where thriving is the only option. Where human beings come together instead of tear each other apart. A path where love leads and fear subsides.


  • Debbie

    From a wise woman comes wise words of deep truth! Truths that can only come from knowing – and knowing can only come from experiencing! It is through the experience – and reflection – that makes it real and rooted in your soul!

  • Wendie

    Katie love this post. I appreciate your kind words. It is true, every obstacle is in our path to help us grow. Often our purpose lies in the very midst of our own chaos. Take a moment, breath and listen. Love your blog and your mission! You are one amazing lady!💞

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